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Refurbished Servers, Enterprise Level Servers and Cisco Routers , component and parts Laktron Office Product has won the trust of customers around the Pakistan. We will satisfy your needs for many popular server brands, including: HP Servers, Dell servers,Compaq and IBM servers also we are having best cisco switches in pakistan.We also have demonstrated expertise in networking and communications equipment From Cisco , Nortel and many others.We also provide server components including Xeon Processors, ECC Memory, Core 2 Quad Processors, Sata HardDisk, SAS Harddisk, SCSI Harddisk, Rackmount Servers, Dual Core Systems, Gaming Power Supply, Desktop Casing, Server Reparing and all other used servers.

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All New Motherboards, Used Dell Servers, HP Servers, Xeon Quad Core, Dual Core Servers, ECC Ram, We also deal Personel Computers Inn karachi

Note: For compatibility and performance please read the complete details prior to add any Motherboards to your desired configuration.

HP DL380 G4 Server Motherboard
Price: Rs. 10,500/-
Part # 411028-001 , 404715-001
- Dual Intel XEON CPU supported
- 6 Memory Slots
- Integrated ILO
- Onboard dual gigabitl NICs
- Integrated Video

Category: Motherboards
Dell Poweredge 2800/2850 Motherboard
Price: Rs. 10,500/-
Dell Poweredge 2800/2850 Motherboard
Model # C8306 0C8306 T7916 0T7916 T7971
Category: Motherboards
Dell PowerEdge 1950 II Server Motherboard
Price: Rs. 15000/-
Dell PowerEdge 1950 II Server
Motherboard Patr # DT097
Supported Only Intel 5000/5100/5300 Series Dual-Core 4MB or Quad Core 8MB processors
Category: Motherboards
Dell PowerEdge 2950 I Server Motherboard
Price: Rs. 20000/-

Dell PowerEdge 2950 I Server Motherboard
Patr # PR278, NH278, CW954
Supported Only Intel 5000/5100 Series Dual-Core processors

Category: Motherboards
HP DL 380 G5 Server Motherboard
Price: Rs. 35000/-
HP ProLiant DL380 G5,
Motherboard Serial: 436526-001
Chipset: Intel 5000P chipset
Supporting: Quad Core and DuaL Core 50XX, 51XX, 52XX, 53Xx, 54XX
Category: Motherboards